Find below some of the works already done and others underway, which were developed according to the considerations and methodologies described above and illustrate the various aspects of the company, in terms of the different needs presented by customers.

Most of the projects documented below, allocated to African countries, which demonstrates the ability of the company to this market and the particularities that it shows.
Center for MR Magnetic Resonance in Angola


Magnetic Resonance Center at the Hospital of Huambo.


Due to the need that existed to send patients to Luanda to perform more sophisticated tests of preparation for some surgical interventions meant to create a center equipped with top of the line equipment, MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging, to avoid such a need for travel.

All necessary for functioning of the Resonance's Center equipment were provided. Due to the large weight of the equipment, interventions were made at the level of the Hospital building to reinforce the floor.

It was also installed one "Faraday cage" involving the equipment provided and treatment of ambient air, this due to the imperative need to nonexistence of any magnetic trace next to the equipment that is very sensitive.

The availability of this equipment in Hospital, created a high level of satisfaction, as shown below in the news, published in the Angolan press and on which the Director of Hospital realizes the success of the project.

Huambo: Opened center magnetic resonance general Hospital

“Huambo - A center for magnetic resonance imaging of the General Hospital of Huambo, equipped with modern means for the diagnosis of all types of medical imaging in the field of cardiovascular disease, was inaugurated by the Secretary of State for Health”.

Multilevel diagnostic by imaging device

The implementation of this diagnostic imaging device mainly aims to diversify the provision of health services and reduce cases of patient deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

This equipment also prevents patients from moving to the province of Luanda or abroad for medical treatment. “The Director of General Hospital of Huambo, Welema Cipriano da Fonseca MD, told the press that the device constituted a huge gain for the country in general. This device will allow better diagnosis for cardiovascular diseases afflicting the local population.

Patients can access these services after a medical indication of the examination of magnetic resonance imaging, free of charge, as is predicted in Angola, where medical assistance and medications is made universal and free, "explained Medical Doctor Welema da Fonseca.”

Center for Physical Medicine Rehabilitation in Angola


Center for Physical Medicine Rehabilitation in Angola.


Due to the large number of traumatized, mainly resulting from car accidents, was detected the need to create a modern physical rehabilitation center, to allow treatment and rehabilitation of these patients.

There was also the need to equip the center with equipment that would allow to analyze some physical aspects of high competition athletes.

The draft study of solutions to implement was executed. The center was equipped with all the necessary equipment for the intended activities, according to the most modern and highest standards in this type of interventions.

Another very important component of this project was the training of health professionals of Américo Boavida Hospital.

The training focused mainly on the most modern equipment and whose technology was more advanced.

We have established a partnership with a team of Physiotherapists with high experience in this area and all with a degree by the School of Alcoitão.

Branding of hospital consumables


Creation of hospital brand consumables (syringes, needles, gloves, protective clothing, gauze, bandages, etc.).


Range of own brand products for marketing and distribution


Consumables or expendables are the most requested material within a hospital. The products are generally for single use which makes its demand and purchasing very regular.

Our first need was the creation of a brand to translate our ideal of business: trust and experience. My Medical was born that way.

To give substance to My Medical we focus our procurement on the best medical factories based on the East. We Bargain the best prices and delivery times.We did the Branding of medical consumables.We proceed to the photographic arrangement for the development of medical supply catalogs and website. Currently we are in the releasing the brand worldwide through the B2B platforms and we are present in medical trade fairs.