MY TURN was founded in 2009 and began its activity linked to prospecting and commercialization of Promotional Marketing products.

From 2010 the business evolved and started to cover a more diverse range of products and also a specialized range of services, that allow us to add more value to our customers.

Based on the qualifying and comprehensive access to international markets, MY TURN always strives for offering quality, in the way how supports its customers in the most crucial aspects for successful projects, namely through:

• A comprehensive and qualified procurement on the most suitable markets in order to obtain the best possible means to your business.
• An integrated logistics that provides the means that suits our customers, “where”, “how”, “when”.
• When indicated, management of the entire supply project, including installation, training and maintenance.
• Specialized marketing services to support our customers especially in initiatives related to creating own brands.
• Consulting services, specialized on countries with a complex bureaucratic policy, required for import or export of goods.

MY TURN acts in Portugal, Spain, in The PALOP Countries (Portuguese Speaking African Countries) and Latin America, having currently operations in Angola, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.

On the need to better serve their customers, MY TURN started some years ago a strategy of expansion, opening offices in Hong Kong, Luanda and Spain and being on track to open a new office in Bissau.

This physical approach of the company to its partners is key, creates trust in the relationship, improves support across all phases of projects and illustrates our commitment to quality and capital gains, which we always want to provide our customers.

MY TURN is thus the ideal partner for all its activities related to international trade.


At MY TURN we have the vision that our work will provide a short/medium term significant improvement in the quality of life for people at various levels and regions in which we operate.


Our mission is to provide our customers high quality products and competitive prices and services, allowing them a competitive and successful presence in the various markets in which they operate.


  • Contribution to the strategic development of emerging countries, running needs for projects of each country;
  • Promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability: in all projects that we perform, there is a know-how transmission commitment to the final customer, as well as training and capacity building programs in order to promote the most efficient technology development in the countries in which we operate;
  • Job creation;
  • Help on the development and growth abroad of European companies.