MY TURN acts on the global market and our offer is based on four pillars of action, always with the assumption of providing their customers the many advantages that are available today, through internationalization of its activities.

The first pillar is related to the import of goods and services

This is an essential activity these days, in all countries, but especially in those that are in an emergent situation.

Our ability to select and provide quality goods and services is virtually unlimited and our greatest experience focuses on health markets (hospital equipment, consumables, drugs etc.), education (school furniture, school supplies, etc.), construction (materials and equipment), food (various products), agriculture (equipment, fertilizer, etc.) from the military area (uniforms, boots, equipment, vehicles, etc.) of electronics (devices, terminals, gadgets, vending machines, etc.) of the transports (vehicles of various types) and energy (solar energy).

Each need is always characterized regarding the price / quality ratio assuming that exists today for the vast majority of products, an ability to provide the option that best suit each market situation.

The company can provide all local and international logistics operations, necessary for the provision of goods, so that the customer can be completely freed from concerns regarding the various operating and bureaucratic situations, operations which are always needed to fulfill.

The second pillar of our offering is related to export activities, ie with the placement of local products in international markets.

In this respect, we work with our customers in the study of multiple perspectives, and for each particular situation, suggesting the most suitable markets for the placement of products, which expected prices for its marketing, which needs in accordance with the legislation of the country of destination and what the possible barriers they might face for export (of various kinds).

An important component of this study has to do with the thorough analysis of the existing demand in a particular market, as opposed to the potential supply that can be developed for that market.

This is a crucial factor and should be determinant in the ability of success for the business to be developed. Conducting this study, we collaborate in order to draw the most correct strategies and enabling a profitable and sustainable business.

Whenever this initial study point to interesting situations from the point of view of business, then are secured commercial and logistical actions that will allow the continuation of activities necessary for the operation and exploitation of the market studied.

The third pillar, enables the creation of local private labels to any product line that is interesting from the standpoint of the market in each region that is intended to address.

MY TURN acts on this market providing to their partners, all the necessary conditions for creating local brands, with high potential for success. This should also result in cases in which they wish to add new products to an existing brand.

For this purpose, the following service package is made available:

1. Marketing Consulting support to opportunity to create brand.
2. Marketing Consulting support the creation of brand image.
3. Legal Consulting support to the establishment of the brand.
4. Marketing Consulting support to the establishment of the brand.
5. Production of branded products with good quality / cost.
6. Logistical support to the operations of transport and storage of products.
7. Local support to the commercialization of products.
8. Local support for products distribution.

This set of services allows our partners the opportunity to appear before the local market, benefiting from several advantages:

1. Performance guarantee of a quality project regarding the creation, promotion and operation of a brand with great potential in the respective markets.
2. Immediate availability of a wide range of products with a good price / quality ratio.
3. Rather low investment in relation to the expected return.
4. "Time to market" very short relative to the usual for this kind of project.
5. Achieve significant economic benefits for the measures of protection of these markets to imported products through exposure to substantially lower customs duties.
6. Favorable competitive situations, which allow quick and sustained growth in terms of return, particularly in public procurement through preference for the status of the case of "domestic products".

Are thus created the necessary conditions for the exploration of interesting lines of products from the point of view of supply in local markets, benefiting from positive stigma that a "national brand" always incorporates and offers high potential in various business indicators.

At last, the fourth pillar of our offering is related to the development of integrated projects which incorporate somehow, access to international markets.

In this type of activity MY TURN guarantees a particular purpose, ensuring all goods and services are made available in a skilled and timely manner in accordance with initially agreed objectives.

Nowadays it is more and more important to ensure the correct utilization and rationalization of available resources, both for companies and countries.

This requires that the various investments to be made to meet certain objectives, are translated into various benefits according to those objectives set initially.

These services enable the development of appropriate physical spaces to the needs of architectural projects, the construction with the required quality of spaces for the various clinical activities, installing the appropriate hospital equipment and ensuring their maintenance, the selection of professionals required in number and expertise and adequate organization and administrative and clinical, essential for the correct use of the services make available.

This work methodology and implementation of projects, applies to any situation where work will involve high complexity and where the intervention of an extended number of professionals and the essential coordination is needed between them, so it is suitable for projects activities that include construction, information systems, installation of large equipment and complexity, etc.

Service Strategy

One of the most interesting characteristics this Company has, is based on a constant concern with the scope and quality of adjacent services for the provided offers.

This strategy aims to completely free our customers, for tasks related to their own business, allowing them greater freedom and the possibility of success in achieving their potential.